Saturday, 22 March 2008

Preparing for the nipper

Last year, as documented on this blog, I went on a no sugar, no yeast diet for three months to try and sort out my CFS symptoms. Despite this being quite a challenge, both physically and of my will power, the diet was a great success. Three months on and I was feeling more alert and full of life than I had since the onset of my symptoms. However, after that I gradually slipped into my bad ways. Starting out with a bit of chocolate each week, which turned into a bar .... you get the idea.

This year I have been OK health-wise, managing to control the symptoms through no dairy and wheat. However, I was still having problems especially in the mornings and a bad night's sleep and I was not fun to be with. Expecting the birth of my first child in June meant that I was also expecting a few (with any luck) sleepless nights, so I wanted to be back in tip-top condition for that. So, about 3.5 weeks ago I decided to go back on the diet.

It is funny how it followed almost the same pattern as last year. Apart from a few cravings for sweet stuff, the first week was pretty easy and I was feeling quite good. Weeks 2 and 3 were not so pleasant - I started to feel slightly sluggish and concentration was a problem. This week has been extremely tough. Stomach cramps, lots of wind, heavy arms and legs, poor concentration. My insides have been like a war zone. However, with perseverance I think I am starting to turn the corner.

I'll keep you posted on my progress