Sunday, 25 February 2007

A wee bit down

I'm feeling a wee bit low at the moment. I knew that I was probably setting myself up for a fall by believing that I had found a miracle cure and it is still possible that it may be the help that I need. However, it is mid-afternoon and I am feeling really worn out and its enough to lower my spirits again. It's not like a crash - the tiredness didn't come on suddenly. Rather it crept up and gradually this afternoon I have just got more and more lackluster.

So what I'm going to do now is have a wee meditation then listen to Parky, which usually cheers me up.

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Cristeenvic said...

Hey mein Schatz, I know how difficult it is to see a light when you feel really down. Recently, I have had this experience often enough myself. I haven't experienced it from the other side very often, though, and in particular not with my partner. For some reason this blog entry has helped me more to understand you than what you said yesterday. I just felt scared when I saw your empty staring look. It is really hard to accept that from you! It makes me so angry, too. You are the most positive person I know and this is surely one of the reasons why I love you. It hurts me to see how this illness is dragging you down sometimes. However, you still remain incredibly positive all the time. I think that this diet is helping you. You have not been on it for long enough to expect miracles, but you are making good progress. I just want you to know that I will always fight by your side. Yesterday was just a blib, I'm sure of that. I also realised how much I appreciate that you have been putting up with my anxiety and all that it involves. Thank you!