Thursday, 22 February 2007

A no-sugar, no-yeast diet update

So, I continue on with a no-sugar, no-yeast diet in Germany. I am surrounded by goodies that I cannot have: beer, saurkraut, bread, cake, chocolate, fruit ... the list goes on. However, in truth it is not too bad. Ok, so I cannot have treats, but otherwise my diet can be pretty normal.

So yesterday when everyone had Apfelreis for dinner (not a dinner but a dessert in my book) I had to do my own thing. For breakfast I had porridge (without sugar and fruit but with lots of milk), for snacks I had rice cakes with either butter and ham or pumkinseed butter and lots of nuts. For lunch I had the remainder of the previous night's dinner - wholemeal pancakes with veggies. For dinner I had chicken with millet and veggies.

All in all not too bad a diet and the wind is disappearing. The problem is that I am still losing weight. I am now down to 66kg. I cannot continue to lose like this. Another worry is my blood pressure. I just measured it at 100 / 61 with pulse of 86. Pulse is normal, but 100 / 61 is really low. I wonder if there is a connection between blood sugar and blood pressure. Does anyone know?

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Evelyn said...

I just came across you website there and was going though it quickly. I noticed that you said that you cut out fruit because of its sugar. I have done this diet before with brilliant results but I never cut out fruit.

I will explain. The sugar you cut out from your diet is the processed sugars that are added to food, but the sugar in fruit is a natural sugar (fructose) and your body can break this down easily.

This is a simple explanation. But you need to remember that there are certain fruits that are very high in sugar i.e grapes and over ripe bananas and these should not be consumed during the diet...theses are not even given to diabetics.

So the rule of thumb is that you can have any fresh fruit except grapes but do not eat the fruit if it had black 'ripe' spots or if it is bruised.

The key to this diet is that you want the natural bacteria in your stomach to return to a healthy living and you want to remove a build up of toxins within your system. Fruit is essential to do both of these.

A great thing about it is that if you stew an eating apple it is a great desert with natural helps with the sugar cravings.