Friday, 2 March 2007

Diagnosing Candida

Over the past few days, my (candida) symptoms have progressively worsened. My eyes have once again become cloudy, my energy levels decreased and the wind problem has returned to almost as bad as it has ever been. Interestingly though, brain fog hasn't been a problem and I have been able to be (comparatively) quite productive.

The worsening symptoms have really caused me to question whether or not the problem is candida. I have been searching for ways to diagnose Candida and here is what I have found.

Generally, diagnosis comes from symptoms. Several websites / books provide a list of symptoms that candida can cause and suggest that if a person has one or many of these symptoms Candida could be the answer. The most complete list I found was by Lindsey Duncan CN, a nutritionalist and founder of the Home Nutrition Clinc in California. A similar list is given in The Complete Guide to Food Allergy and Intolerance by Jonathan Brostoff and Linda Gamlin. However, I have misplaced my copy so I will need to refer to Lindsey Duncan's list.

Ask yourself the following questions. One or more "yes" answers is a strong indication you have Candidiasis.

1. Have you ever taken cortico-steroid drugs or antibiotics, or been on antibiotics for an extended length of time?

Yes, when I was in my teenage years I took several courses of antibiotics for acne. One period lasted over 2 and 1/2 years. I am convinced this is the reason for my illness. Since becoming ill, I have reluctantly had to take 3 more short courses of antibiotics for infections that could not have been controlled in any other way.

2. Are you currently on birth control pills or ever taken them for a period of two years or more?


3. Have you ever been plagued with vaginal yeast infections, vaginitis, PMS, menstrual pain, endometriosis, prostatitis, or loss of sexual interest?


4. Do you crave sweets, bread or alcoholic beverages?

Yes, I have often craved chocolate and other sweet goodies. Never alcohol though

5. Do you suffer from unexplained aches and pains or headaches?

Yes, I have had various unexplained aches and pains including headaches since my illness started

6. Have you been pregnant more than twice? (Hormonal changes contribute to candidiasis susceptibility.)


7. Are you overly sensitive to chemicals including perfumes, tobacco smo
ke, paint, insecticides, etc.?

Not that I know of

8. Are you bothered by chronic digestive complaints such as bloating, gas? Do you have constipation or diarrhea?

Yes, I have suffered wind for some time. Chronically over the last few months.

9. Do you find yourself having to deal with problems like athlete's foot, jock itch, nail fungus, ring worm? Do you have bouts with psoriasis, eczema, hives or chronic dermatitis?

Yes, I have had several fungal infections over the period of my illness in various parts of my body including my toes. I have also had dermatitis on my pinky for some time, although this has cleared up significantly since starting this new diet.

10. Are you chronically fatigued? Do you suffer from memory loss ("brain fog"), erratic vision, spots or "floaters" in front of your eyes, nervous tension?

Yes, I have been diagnosed formally with CFS. I have sometimes, since my illness began, suffered from tip-of-the-tongue situations and I have often referred to "brain fog" although this is not a permanent thing. My eyes are often yellow, blood shot and glased. Further, I have (uncharacteristically) been nervous and panicy many times since I became ill.

11. Do you feel depressed or ill for no known reason? Do you feel worse on damp days?

I have had many down days in the last year. However, mostly I remain a very positive person. I'm not sure about damp days that is something to look out for.

12. Do you often have cold hands and feet?


13. Is your tongue coated?

It has been but in the last few days I have noticed that it is less so - good sign?

So I scored high on most of these questions. In addition to taking this test I have taken the "Candida Spit test" that was first recommended to me by Sarah. I have since read about this test in a number of places. Including this site. who recommend the following:

First thing in the morning, before you put ANYTHING in your mouth, fill a clear glass with room temperature Bottled Water.

Work up a bit of saliva, then spit it into the glass of water. Check the water every 15 minutes or so for up to one hour.

If you have a potential problem, you will see strings (like legs) traveling down into the water from the saliva floating on the top, or "cloudy" saliva will sink to the bottom of the glass, or cloudy specks will seem to be suspended in the water.

If there are no strings and the saliva is still floating after at least one hour, you probably have Candida under control, and have nothing to worry about. Congratulations.

I took this test and my saliva was stringy. More evidence for the candida problem. So what does this mean? According to these tests (how reliable they are I have no idea) the evidence points to a candida problem. So why am I getting worse again despite being on this diet? This has been puzzling me. One explanation is that I am suffering Herxheimer or "die-off" reaction. According to some websites such as this one, this is said to occur as a result of the yeast being killed too rapidly which overwhelms the body with yeast cells and their toxins. Any number of nasty symptoms can arise as a result, most frequently a flu-like feeling or worsening of symptoms already present. The solution to this may be to take a lower dose of anti-fungal for a while or take extra fibre or a product like bentonite clay to help carry the toxins out of the body before they are absorbed. My herbalist never mentioned this when he recommended the special diet, nor did the food allergy book, but it is certainly something I will ask him about.

So what do I do in the mean time? I think all that I can do is continue with my diet and perhaps try and increase my fibre intake.


Ian said...

Hi Dave, sorry to hear that the diet isn't working for you. You've had so many ups and downs and I would hesitate to ascribe that to any particular therapy you're on, and when these things aren't working you don't need to cast about for particular reasons that it doesn't work for you when it hasn't been shown satisfactoraly to work for anyone.

I had a look and was unable to find any authoritative sources, though quackwatch (again) has a few things to say on the matter of candida. That spit test too sounds a bit dubious to me, not sure I would put my trust in the stringyness of saliva suspended in water to diagnose something like that.

I did find an report i think you'll be interested in, of a study about to take place at Stanford after the successful use of an antiviral drug to relieve some CFS sufferers. You can find that here.

I understand that CFS may have a variety of causal factors, but I hope that if research like that continues to be done that there will eventually be an effective treatment for cases like yours and you can make a full recovery.

David Elsweiler said...

Oh Mr Ian, what a cynical young gentleman you are! I appreciate that you only want the best for me, but you have to take a few things on board.

First up, I have not yet given up on the diet because there is an abundance of evidence in favour of the possibility that it might help me.

Let's look at that evidence objectively (difficult for me, but i will try my best).

Firstly, the way the candida is diagnosed. I have read many articles and books now that refer to Candida as a genuine condition, including
The Complete Guide to Food Allergy and Intolerance by Jonathan Brostoff and Linda Gamlin. This book is considered to be the leading work in the field of fool allergy, by two renouned academics. According to the list of symptoms commonly associated with Candida in this book, I think I have 9 out of 10.

I agree with you that the spit test is not the most scientific of methods, although it is frequently mentioned in Candida articles and adds another facet to the evidence.

Then there is the physical evidence in my case. The fact that in the first week of this diet there was a marked improvement in my symptoms. Also, the dermititus in my finger that you have seen, cleared up almost straight away.

Ok so it has not been an easy ride, and the wind returned, but there are explanations for this, which I talked about in the post.

I read the article from Quackwatch and I think while there are some legitimate complaints there, I think there are also some holes in the arguments made.

I think the best thing for me to do is to continue on for the full duration of the diet and see what happens. I have to watch other things as well - my blood pressure is really low at the moment, bizarrely low!

I'll keep you posted on how I get on.

Take care buddy,


P.S How are you getting on with your project etc.?

Sue Jackson said...

David -
Thanks for visiting my blog and introducing yourself. I felt the same way you described when I first started my CFIDS blog and discovered this hidden community of others just like me. It helps so much just to know there are others out there who understand!

Sorry to hear of your digestive troubles. I had the same symptoms (as do so many people with CFIDS). What worked for me was giving up dairy. I was really surprised that it worked because I never suspected a dairy intolerance. I've been off dairy for two years now, and my symptoms are much reduced. When I "cheat" and have a bit of cheese, there are immediate and uncomfortable consequences. Lact-Aid tablets help a little bit, if I want to treat myself to a bit of ice cream or something, but mostly, I just avoid dairy.

Also, if you're convinced you have a yeast problem, are you taking an anti-fungal medication? Diet and probiotics certainly help, but if you really have a problem, you probably need medication first, then the diet can help you to keep it from coming back.

Anyway, nice to meet you. I'll check back often.


Sarah said...

Sorry to hear you are feeling worse on the diet - I definitely think it's worth sticking it out for a bit longer to really see if it will help you.

On another note, the specialist who is treating me has a book (155 typed A4 pages!) which I would highly recommend reading, even if you ultimately don't think it relates exactly to your symptoms. It is available at:

I think it is the most comprehensive CFS resource I have read to date. Hope it helps!


David Elsweiler said...

Hi Sue, thank you for visiting. I will bear your comments in mind about dairy etc.. I doubt this is my problem, although food allergies are definately something I will explore if this candida theory doesn't pan out.

I am not taking an anti-fungal at the moment. I was advised that this may cause a Herxhaimer die-off reaction, because if you kill the fungus off too quickly the toxins can be released into the body. I think this has happened to me anyway, but maybe to a lesser extent. However, I can only follow the advice of my doctors and herbalist.

Anyway, I look forward to reading your blog and keeping in touch.


David Elsweiler said...

Hi Sarah,

Thank you for the book I will most definately read it thoroughly.

Hope you are well,


SEAN DEPUE said...

Just taking a stroll and noticed your blog. I suffered from excessive fatigue, poor memory, foggy head for 18 yrs. (kind of depressing, I know).
Recently a Dr. told me that a heavy metal load in the body will prevent yeast from being completely cleared out.
I recently did a 6 hr. urine test ($60) to check them. first you must do chelation to bring metals out of the tissues to get a good reading.
I have been on extreme no sugar/no carb diet for 2 1/2 wks and am loosing too much weight. So I'll have to find ways to get more calories in.
I have been doing several cleanses and I.V. therapies over the last 2 months that have given me some relief of symptoms for the first time in years.
If i have more success I will pass it on.
Good Luck

Hailey Harris said...

Candida can be a very irritating yeast infection. A person who has developed this infection suffers from itchiness and burning. If you are infected by Candida, you will require the proper treatment. Otherwise this infection can not be controlled and may spread to other parts of the body. Candida usually develops in the moist and damp parts of your body like vagina and around the douches. It is a fungal infection and depending on your conditions it may take a few months for it to fully clear up. One of the best ways of preventing Candida is by adopting a healthy lifestyle. However, it is a chronic infection that can reemerge frequently. Therefore, we have provided some advices that may prove helpful in preventing its onset.

If you have suffered from Candida before, it may reappear, as it is a chronic infection. We suggest that you avoid wearing very tight nylon clothes or any other clothes that accumulate moisture. Tight fittings and nylon underpants create damp and warm environment that breeds Candida. Do not sit in your swimming suit for along time. Dry your body completely after taking a bath because moisture on your body can be harmful if you have developed Candida before.

If you are suffering from Candida, you should be more careful about your personal hygiene. Keep your body clean and dry. Do not use soaps that cause irritation. Try avoiding harsh shampoos. They may cause burning or pain in the effected body parts. It is recommended that you should not take unnecessary doses of antibiotics because they can affect the immune system of body and may create suitable environment for Candida infection.

Here are some of the more common symptoms of Candida and yeast.

- Itching
- Pain when urinating
- Leaky guy syndrome
- Rashes
- Fatigue
- Tiredness
- Arthritis
- Gas
- Food allergies
- Memory problems
- Joint pain
- Headaches
- Premature aging
- Irritability
- Itching
- Pain when urinating
- Leaky guy syndrome
- Rashes
- Fatigue
- Tiredness
- Arthritis
- Gas
- Food allergies
- Memory problems
- Joint pain
- Headaches
- Premature aging
- Irritability
- And more...

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Anonymous said...

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