Thursday, 22 March 2007

The first of two posts for today

I've been a little slack with my blogging lately. This is probably because I have been feeling better - it is amazing how when you feel healthy the number of things to do just multiplies. This is a great feeling!

A quick update on the diet and the capryllic acid. I think it is going well. After the second day on the acid I thought I was going to get a reaction similar to the replete, the wind came back etc. However, it has not worked out like that. I started to drink lots of water and this may have helped my body deal with things. I read that the capryllic acid finds its way into the liver and plenty of fluids help to flush it out of the system - hopefully along with any toxins from the candida growth.

I have uncovered, in the last few days, some evidence that I think points towards a milk intolerance (apologies to those who suggested this before for my prompt dismissal of the idea). After visiting the German doctor the other week, on the advice of the doctor, I started to drink lots of milk. He recommended a litre of milk per day. I love milk so I happily indulged in this. I have since learned that milk is a big no no for the candida diet (oops). Anyway, after over a week of enjoyable but heavy milk drinking, I noticed that the dermititus on my pinky (I have posted before about how this disappeared when I started the diet) returned and was worsening on a day by day basis. The only change I had made was the milk so I cut this out straight away. After only a few days the redness lessened and the pinky seemed to be healing. I can only think of two explanations. The first is that I have a milk intolerence. The second is that the lactose (milk sugar) had influenced the candida. Yoghurt and cream do not seem to be a problem, so it could be the latter. However, I have read that the fermintation process involved in yoghurt and cream lessens the quantities of lactose. I think the only thing for me to do is to stop milk for 2-3 months. Hopefully I will be healthy at this point and then try to re-introduce it.

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