Tuesday, 13 March 2007

A new day a new frame of mind

I felt wonderfully positive today. It makes a nice change to write like this rather than the negative claptrap I have been blogging recently. I really did notice a difference. I woke up without the heavy legs and arms that I have become accustomed to, without the blurry brain, and without the wind - well I had reduced wind anyway. This has continued throughout the day without the hangover that I was expecting from the doctor's appointment yesterday (I will explain in a minute). So all in all a good day all round - positive mentally and physically. Lets hope it continues.

As far as I can tell there are two reasons for this - well three if you count the glorious sunshine we had today.

The first is that I never had to take the replete today. While my herbalist is convinced that the stuff will restore my gut flora to a healthy state, I never did feel comfortable taking it. It really is so strong and upset my entire digestive rythmn and latterly I believe my energy levels too. So, not having to take a sachet this morning, I believe, has made me feel so much better in myself.

The second reason that I believe I am feeling better is the thorough examination I received yesterday at the heart specialist. I never believed that there was anything wrong with my heart or my CV system, I've had it checked out before, but the low pressure mystery and the fact that someone felt it needed to be checked starts to eat away at you.

So, to the examination. Firstly, I had a full ultrasound. Starting with the heart, the doctor proceeded to check all of my major organs. All of which were healthy and normal. Then, I had a "belastungs EKG" or to you and I, a heart test while going through a full workout.

I did more exercise in this one session than I have in one go since I became ill. While hooked up to the heart monitor I had a 12 minute session on the exercise bike, starting from a moderate pace, building up to 250 watts (so the doctor told me) or in laymans terms, a pretty high level. My pulse and blood pressure reacted as they should and after the session was complete, returned to a normal level reasonably quickly. I was really proud of my efforts, especially considering it was only 2 days ago that I needed to find a seat while shopping. However, as everyone who has experienced CFS will know, at the back of mind I was expecting a crash today. It did not happen! I know that it could still happen tomorrow, or at somepoint later this week, but at the moment I just don't believe that it will.

I don't believe for one minute that I have been magically cured, but I am determined to keep this positive outlook, continue this diet and look after myself. With hard work and a happy face I will beat this thing!

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