Wednesday, 7 March 2007

The events of the last few days

Wow it has been a hectic week. This is the reason that it has been nearly a week since my last post. Since I first became ill I have had many ups and downs, false dawns and setbacks. I think this week has been the perfect example of this. When I last posted I wrote about my niggling doubts about the candida diet because of the wind and disappearing energy etc. However, I continued on and after a few days started to reap the rewards (ish). My energy came back and the wind died back somewhat. However, as there always seems to be, there was a sting in the tail. My blood pressure was low at the start of the week and continued to drop almost daily to worrying lows (I had one reading of 87/38). My hands and feet were freezing, my head was dizzy and I had pains in my hands where the veins embossed. The blood pressure raised when I did some exercise, a little dancing (don't tell anyone) or a brisk walk, but soon fell again as soon as I sat down for any length of time. Naturally I was worried. Although, on the other hand, it was reassuring to find that I was able to do all this exercise without any problems. I did more exercise in one day on Monday than I had done in months before. However, on Tuesday it came to a head, perhaps as a result of the exercise - who knows?

Tuesday morning, after a hot and cold shower and a few stretches, the b.p was on the verge of normal (105/59), but by lunch time this had lowered to (100/41). Desparate for it not to fall any more I went for a short, brisk walk. When I returned I had lunch but I wasn't feeling great. I thought a short 30 min nap would sort me out. I woke up 2 hrs later, panic stricken, heart pounding, sweating and disorientated. I lay in bed not knowing exactly what to do, but I tried to go back to sleep. A few hours later I woke up, felt ok (ish). I took my b.p, which was normal (something like 115 / 70 - the highest it had been in a week). I found this bizarre. I went to the doctors to check it out anyway. Again the doctor read my b.p as normal, but recommend I see a specialist to get my C.V system checked out properly. This is what I am doing tomorrow. However, since then my readings have been fine and I have had no other symptoms etc. This seemed truelly bizarre until I discovered that the readings my girl friend's parents' b.p measure varies depending on the position of your arm. When I hold it in the position I was instructed by the doctor I get a low reading (altho everyone else seems to get a normal reading this way) and when you hold it as instructed in the manual, you get a normal reading. This means that the chances are my bp had never actually been as low as I thought. However, how do you explain the dizzy headaches, cold hands and feet, embossed veins and pains? All of these disappeared on Tuesday afternoon so were they all manifested by panic? Hopefully the specialist will get to the bottom of my little mystery.

During all of this I entered the next phase of the diet. On Monday I started taking the replete that I was actually meant to take along with starting the diet, but found difficult to source in Germany. So I have started 2 weeks late. Biocare Replete is high strength acidophilus recommended to me by my herbalist. It contains 100 billion bacteria per sachet (50 times the strength of my quest acidophilus) and you take 1 sachet per day for 7 days. You take each sachet dissolved in water and with your first sip you can feel the effect. Actually, it is not a particularly pleasant sensation, bringing about wind (not disimilar to what I have been experiencing). The tub notes this as a possible side effect, so I will keep an eye on it and consult my herbalist if it continues.

Well that was my week. I hope this post makes sense. I feel as if I have just blurted out everything in one incoherant rambling. Maybe this is the best way to blog. Let me know what you think.