Sunday, 11 March 2007

A step back in time

I've definately regressed over the last few days. It is not the wind that is bothering me, although this too has been pretty severe. The main problem has been my energy levels. Christine and I went food shopping yesterday and I had to find a seat twice within an hour. I have not been in this situation for months. When we got home I was completely knackered. We had planned to go to an art gallery yesterday, but I just didn't have the get up and go needed. Instead I sat in an easy chair and tried to recharge the batteries. Three hours or so later I felt a bit better and we went out for a short walk - 20 mins or so at a slow pace. Again, when I returned the batteries were completely flat.

Strangely, I have been able to concentrate ok. My work has progressed over the last week, despite my overall health going the other way. This has been my shining light. My other positive is that I believe that this replete, that I have mentioned a few times, is the root cause of my lack of energy. It is only since I started taking it that my energy-levels have suffered. I hope, I really hope, that after I take the last sachet tomorrow that my system will return into its natural flow and my energy will return.

Tonight I am meant to be going to a concert. Fanfare Ciocarlia - the fastest brass band in the world and one of Christine's favourite bands - are playing in Nuremberg. I bought the tickets as a treat for us both and a thank you to Christine for putting up with me. However, I was feeling somewhat better when I bought them and now I am really dreading it. At the same time though I do not want this illness to define who I am and I am determined to go. I will take a nap this afternoon and hopefully this will leave me in a fit state to enjoy myself this evening.

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