Thursday, 22 March 2007

Potato, fennel and basil salad

The first post from my promised series on Candida diet tips and recipes. This has become of one of my favourites - in fact Christine and I ate it tonight for dinner. The fennel and lemon juice go together wonderfully.

The recipe is adapted from one by James Tanner and is extremely quick and easy to prepare. Perfect for those on the Candida diet who have to prepare everything from scratch.

Serves 2

1 tbsp olive oil
300g of potatoes sliced
1 fennel bulb, finely sliced
1 lemon, juice only

salt and freshly ground black pepper
small handful fresh basil leaves, to garnish

1. Heat the oil in a frying pan over a medium heat and fry the potatoes until golden-brown. (I prefer to par-boil the potatoes)
2. Add the fennel and lemon juice and stir well. Season with salt and freshly ground black pepper and cook until the fennel is tender.
3. To serve, place the warm salad onto a plate and garnish with basil leaves.

Enjoy! More to come

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