Monday, 19 March 2007

Lamenting a wasted day

I'm pretty angry with myself at the moment. Despite a good day healthwise I just could not get into gear and do some work today. When I think of all those days wasted when all I wanted was to work but wasn't well enough to manage it, it makes my blood boil when I waste away days like today. However, it wasn't all my fault. I spent most of the morning fiddling with my computer, which over the last day or so had more or less ground to a halt. Closer inspection revealed a trojan had sneaked its way through my defenses. It took 5.5 hrs to run the virus check completely, while I struggled to work along side. After removing the virus, the machine still required over 12 minutes to boot. I couldn't believe it - the machine is not even 1 yr old. So, I cleaned the registry, deleted all temporary files and cookies etc. and made a few tweaks. This appears to have improved the performance somewhat, but not enough for my liking. Top of my priority list for when I get home is a fresh install of windows. It is times like this that I wish I had splashed out for a mac.

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