Thursday, 8 March 2007

The german specialist

So what was the verdict of the specialist I went to see about my blood pressure mystery? "Oh dear you don't look good at all!". This is unfair. In fact, the doctor was very supportive of my cause and told me that in cases like this. When I am not 65, but 25 and I look so unwell, we must search and search and search until we find the answer. He even said that if he could allocate it he would sanction a hospital trip where they could do tests for 2 weeks without time to do anything else. This wont happen of course, but only the other day I turned down the opportunity to go into hospital for checks - 2 days in a foreign hospital does not sound appealling to me.

However, the tests begin tomorrow. I have had most of these tests before, but I was not about to turn down this man's help. I am scheduled for "ein grosses Blutbild" (full range of blood tests), ecg, blood pressure tomorrow with the results coming on Monday.

The doctor was not too supportive of my diet. He said that at the moment I should eat anything that takes my fancy. This way I will not become deficient in anything on top of CFS. However, I want to continue with this. I have put a lot into this diet and do not want to give up now before I potentially reap the rewards. There are a few things worrying me however. The first is having blood tests without any sugar afterwards. I am not the greatest when it comes to giving blood and usually, to keep me from collapsing in a heap, I take a supply of chocolate with me. The other thing that is worrying me is the replete. It has really changed my digestive pattern and I am not comfortable taking it at all. I will have to chat over all of these issues with my herbalist.

So, we shall see what the tests bring. I am pretty sure they will all come back normal but we shall wait and see.


Sarah said...

I'd be really interested to hear what the results of your tests reveal, if anything. Regarding your symptoms of dizzyness, cold hands and feet etc. I had similar symptoms towards the start of my illness and actually thought I was anaemic. They have gradually improved but if I am really worn out and tired then I still feel dizzy.

I would suggest, if you are really worried and can afford it, having the CFS profile test referred to in that book. It was the only test I had that revealed anything was wrong. Perhaps, living in Germany may prevent this from being an option though.

All I would say is that you haven't long been diagnosed so be patient and I'm sure you will get to the bottom of your symptoms.

Good luck!

David Elsweiler said...

Hi Sarah,

I will be interested too. Like I say I have had many, many tests before and they all (almost) came back normal. Certainly, they did not point to the root cause of my problems.

I have still to be convinced about your CFS profile testing. I will reserve my judgement until I have read the whole book, but my first instincts are to treat this work with suspicion. I do not want to take anything away from you because this technique is working for you and I am delighted about that. However, my concerns are the number of holes in the book's arguments and the lack of evidence for many of the statements made. For example, I have not come across any scientific or other literature that connects CFS or ME to a weakness in the heart, and the book does not, as far as I can see provide any evidence or justification for this belief.

I am nevertheless finding it an interesting and enjoyable read. Thanks again,